Camping Checklist UK: Everything You Need

Off on a camping trip? Make sure you’ve got everything you need with this handy camping checklist UK edition to ensure you can make the most of your time outdoors (and in comfort, too!)

Everyone’s approach to camping is different: for some people, it means nothing but a bivvy sack and trail mix, while others like to pack everything but the kitchen sink for maximum comfort.

While you won’t necessarily need everything on this list, it should provide you with a good breakdown of what a typical camping checklist looks like for the average camping holiday in the UK.

Remember, if you pack well, you’ll get the most out of your camping experience – and be able to really focus on enjoying spending time outdoors!

Camping Essentials For Sleep

Image by irhap from Pixabay

1. Tent

(if there’s 2 of you, it’s a good idea to get a 3-man tent to fit your bags too. 3 people = 4-man tent etc).

2. Tents poles & pegs

(typically included in your tent but worth double-checking!)

3. Sleeping bag

(check that you’ve got the right season. A 1 – 2 season sleeping bag is only suitable for summer use)

4. Sleeping mat

5. Camping pillow

Miscellaneous Camping Essentials:

6. Head torch

(a regular torch will also do, but head torches are great for when you need hands-free light!)

7. Multi-tool

8. Duct tape

9. Mallet/hammer for poles

Camping Checklist For Cooking

Camping stove for camping checklist UK
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

10. Camping stove

11. Fuel for the stove

12. Lighters and/or matches

13. Pots & pans

(stackable is a good way to save on space)

14. Utensils

(Get a spork and a knife for less packing!)

15. Chopping knife

16. A chopping board

17. Water carrier

18. Plates, bowls, or Tupperware containers

19. Mugs

20. Camping kettle

21. Coolbox

22. Washing up sponge and liquid

23. Tea towel

24. Cooking oil

25. Salt, pepper, and spices

26. Tea and coffee

Camping Toiletries Checklist

camping checklist uk: cup for water

27. Shampoo

28. Conditioner

29. Shower gel

30. Toothbrush

31. Toothpaste

32. Hairbrush

33. Tampons/sanitary towels (women)

34. Waste bags

35. Deodorant

36. Towel

37. Wet wipes

Medical supplies for camping trips:

38. First aid kit

(this one is fantastic for both home and camping/outdoors trips)

39. Plasters

40. Pain killers

41. Tweezers/ nail scissors

42. Anti-bacterial gel

43. Sun cream

44. Any personal medication

45. Insect repellant

‘Luxury’ Camping Extras:

46. Camping table

47. Camping chairs

48. Blow-up mattress

49. Gazebo/ tent porch

50. Camping toilet

51. Camping fridge

(check out our review of the best camp fridges in 2019!)

52. Outdoor-friendly fairy lights

Camping games/ activities/ entertainment checklist:

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

53. Pack of cards

54. Board games

55. Slackline

56. Juggling balls

57. Guidebook for hiking nearby

58. Music speaker

59. Guitar/ musical instruments

60. Sports equipment

(e.g. kayaks, hiking boots/poles, climbing gear etc)

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There you have it! The ultimate camping checklist UK style. Is there anything else you would add?

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