35 Easy Camping Meals for Families | The Ultimate Guide!

There are few things better than settling down to a delicious hot meal after a long-time spent hiking, backpacking, or enjoying a day of camping in the great outdoors. Unfortunately, when you are out on a camping expedition, great food isn’t always a guarantee, and when you’ve got a hungry family depending on you, that can mean trouble. These easy camping meals for families are the perfect solution.

This list of the ultimate easy meals for camping with your family prove once and for all that a camping adventure doesn’t have to mean bland, uncreative meals – instead, these meals use basic ingredients and deliver great flavours, every time.

35 Easy Camping Meals For Families

35 Easy Camping Meals for families

Easy Camping Breakfasts

1) Campfire Oatmeal

I know what you’re thinking – oatmeal?! Hardly inspired camping food, right?

The real trick to great oatmeal when you’re out in the wilderness is having the right toppings.

Cook your oats with a little water and a carton of long-shelf life milk, and then top with:

  • Peanut butter
  • Bananas, apple, or berries
  • Jam
  • A big drizzle of honey

Oatmeal is a classic for good reason: it’s the perfect hearty breakfast to ease any aches and pains from sleeping rough the night before, and will fill everyone up and provide the energy you need for another day outside packed with activities.

2) Cinnamon Swirls

Simply cook up a batch of these delicious cinnamon swirls before your trip, and toast them over an open campfire for the best way to start your morning.

This is a great trick to keep up your sleeve when the kids are begin to lag behind too – who doesn’t perk up at the idea of warm, toasty cinnamon rolls!

3) Breakfast Scramble

All you’ll need for this easy camping meal for your family is a big skillet to place over the fire. Then, add whatever ingredients you want into a huge breakfast scramble. This could include:

  • Potatoes
  • Peppers
  • Mushrooms
  • Onion
  • Eggs or Tofu
  • Cheese
  • Spinach

Mix it all up and you’ve got a nutritious, energy-packed camping meal that, if we’re honest, we could eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Easy Camping Meals For Families: Breakfast Hash

4) Sausage Sandwich

Who doesn’t love a classic sausage sandwich?

Cook up your sausages over the fire (we love the Sainsbury’s Shroom Dogs – but whatever suits you!), lather it up with mustard and if you’re feeling fancy, some fried onions, and serve in white bread.

Simple, no-fuss camping food, but a meal that’s going to keep everyone happy.

5) Campfire Pancakes

Pancakes…when camping?

That’s right – and this super easy camping meal can be easily prepared back home so no time is wasted getting your family fed in the morning.

Check out the recipe for campfire pancakes here.

Easy Camping Lunches & Dinners

6) Campfire Grilled Cheese

You can’t go wrong with a grilled cheese sandwich.

This easy camping recipe for families is perfect if you’ve set up your camping spot for the whole weekend – but if you’re hiking and backpacking, it’s probably not the best choice unless you cook them at breakfast before packing up!

All you need is a cast iron skillet, bread, cheese, and some butter: easy, and a total crowd-pleaser.

7) Cold Cut Sandwiches

Cold cut sandwiches are a great idea if you’d rather pack up a few easy camping meals for your family before getting on the road.

Pick whatever filling you want and pre-make your sandwiches at home so you can easily just pass your lunches out of a cool box when everyone starts getting hungry.

8) Hash

You’ve got potato and egg hash. Potato and cheese hash. Ham and eggs. Bacon and potato. Tofu scramble hash. You’ve got fridge-leftovers hash.

The options are endless, but the premise is the same: get your big cast iron skillet out, and cook up a ‘hash’ of your choosing by sauteing vegetables, adding meat or tofu, cheese, eggs, and whatever seasoning you want.

This is such a simple, easy camping meal for all the family, but it packs a punch that will keep everyone full until your next meal.

9) Pesto Vegetable Pasta

Pesto pasta is another very versatile camping meal for families. You can add or remove vegetables depending on what your family likes, and simply bring a jar of pesto without worrying about it losing freshnesses.

We love sauteing courgette, eggplant, red onion, and mushrooms before adding cooking pasta and a big spoonful of pesto – a simple hearty 5-minute camping meal that everyone loves!

10) Chilli

Chilli is the ultimate one-pot camping recipes for all the family. You could do :

  • Bean chilli
  • Beef or turkey mince
  • Sweet potato

The best thing about cooking up a campfire chilli is how versatile it is, so you don’t need to bring heaps of ingredients to cook a delicious meal.

Check out this delicious looking five-can chilli from Fresh Off The Grid for some inspiration.

Easy Camping Meals for Families: Chilli

11) Risotto

Another great one-pot camping meal is risotto. With a risotto, you can just add all your ingredients into a big pan, set it over your camping stove, and allow the rice to cook into a delicious, warming meal perfect for the end of an active day outdoors.

We love the look of this mushroom risotto from Outdoor Appetite.

12) BBQ – Burgers, Sausages, and Corn on the Cob

Simple, yet effective: the humble BBQ. There are dozens of portable BBQs on the market these days making it easier than ever to have a good old fashioned barbeque at your camping site.

Get an array of burgers and sausages to go with more hardy vegetables such as corn on the cob and baked potatoes for an easy camping meal for the family to enjoy.

Easy Camping Meals For Families - Corn On The Cob

13) Stir Fry

Feeling healthy? Stir frys are a fantastic quick and easy camping meal for the family that can be done in one pan (to save you on washing up!).

Check out this recipe for a campfire stir fry for some inspiration!

14) Campfire Baked Potatoes

Simply prick your potatoes with a fork a few times before wrapping them in foil and placing them on the outskirts of your campfire.

In 45 minutes – 1 hour, you’ll have perfectly baked campfire potatoes that you can top with toppings of your choosing. These are the perfect accompaniment to your campfire chilli!

Easy Camping Meals For Families - Baked Potatoes

15) Skillet Pizza

A pizza, without an oven? Yes – it can be done! There’s nothing better than tucking into a cheesy slice of pizza after a long day in the outdoors.

Check out this recipe for skillet pizza from the Food Network to make yours.

16) Tacos

Tacos can be a very easy camping meal for families if you do the prep beforehand.

Check out this great list of taco recipes from Backpacker for some inspiration and ideas on what to pack and when.

17) Kebab Gyros

What could be better than digging into your very own gyro while enjoying the great outdoors on your camping holiday?

This recipe for gyros from Gourmet Camping looks absolutely amazing – our stomachs are growling just thinking about them!

18) Bean Stew

This one-pot bean stew can easily be adapted to do over a campfire while camping and is so easy to make.

Serve with rice or a hearty loaf of bread for a warm, comforting campfire meal!

19) Spanish Tortilla

A Spanish tortilla is one of our absolute favourite easy camping meals for the family because you can cook it up for dinner, and wrap the leftovers to enjoy for a grab-and-go lunch the next day.

This one-pan Spanish tortilla has just four ingredients, and looks totally delicious!

20) Omelette

The distant relative of the Spanish tortilla, the omelette, is another good choice of camping recipes if you want an easy camping meal that will keep your family full.

Just pack a box of eggs, some vegetables, and some cheese and you’re pretty much good to go!

Easy Camping Meals For Families - Omelette

21) Campfire Nachos

Campfire nachos. We’ll say that again. Campfire. Nachos.

If you want to really make this a camping trip one remember, you’ll commit this insane recipe for campfire nachos from The Live-In Kitchen to memory – you won’t regret it.

Easy Camping Snacks

22) Family-friendly Trail Mix

Trail mix is an old-favourite for camping trips, and for good reason: it really packs a punch in terms of giving your body the energy it needs for a long day outdoors.

Trail mix is also really easy to make up yourself, and you can add in ingredients that you know your family will particularly enjoy. Some mix ideas include:

  • Nuts
  • Raisins
  • M&Ms
  • Dried apricot
  • Dried apple or banana
  • Coconut flakes
  • Chocolate chips

23) Protein/Energy Balls

Make up a quick batch of energy balls before you set off on your camping trip for a super easy camping snack for the family.

Again, these are extremely versatile so you can add and remove whatever ingredients you know your family will love. This post from Sarah Remmer has loads of ideas.

24) Vegetable Crudites

Crudites make the perfect healthy snack when you’re spending the day being active in the outdoors.

Cut your vegetables in stick shapes and pack them in small bags that you can pass out to your family as they get hungry. Vegetables you could use include:

  • Carrots
  • Peppers
  • Cucumber
  • Celery
  • Broccoli
  • Asparagus

25) Loaf Cake

A loaf cake is another easy camping recipe that’s perfect for cooking up at home to keep on hand as a tasty camping snack when everyone needs a little pick-me-up.

This list of 16 loaf cake ideas from Olive Magazine is a great source of inspiration.

Easy Camping Desserts

26) Foil Baked Bananas

Most people fondly remember making foil banana boats camping food over a fire or summer barbeque, and this is a great campfire dessert to introduce to your own children.

Check out this recipe for S’mores Banana Boats for an idea of what to include, but you can adapt the recipe however you like!

27) Campfire Cobbler

There is not much better than tucking into a warm, bubbling cobbler cooked over a campfire in the great outdoors.

This recipe for a cake and berry cobbler is a sure-fire way to make your camping trip one to remember.

28) Smores

This wouldn’t be the ultimate guide to easy camping meals for families without mentioning smores!

All you need is a pack of biscuits and a pack of marshmallows – do campfire desserts really need much else?

Easy Camping Meals For Families - Smores

29) Cinnamon Roll Ups

If you’ve already had cinnamon rolls for breakfasts, maybe give these a miss – but we’re not going to tell you what to do!

These campfire cinnamon roll ups make the perfect end-of-day treat.

30) Grilled Pineapple

For a slightly healthier alternative (although only slightly because of the brown sugar..!), this tangy grilled pineapple recipe has got our mouths watering.

32) Skillet Cookie

Get the full use out of your cast iron skillet by giving it a quick wash after dinner and cooking up this heavenly skillet cookie – an amazing treat that all your family is guaranteed to love!

33) Baked Apples

Warm up around the fire while cooking these campfire baked apples to top with whatever ingredients you want, from caramel sauce to a sprinkle of granola!

34) Campfire Cones

A spin on the traditional smores recipe – these campfire cones are a creative recipe that gets your kids hands-on.

Add marshmallows, chocolate chips, fruit, and crunchy crackers to cook over the campfire and enjoy the perfect summer camping dessert!

35) Orange Campfire Cakes

These single serve campfire cakes baked into orange skins make the perfect camping treat for all your family.

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