Camping Toilets: The Ultimate 2019 Guide

Our ultimate guide to the best camping toilets in 2019 – for when you’ve just gotta go.

Campsite: camping toilets best for in 2019.

One of the most common reasons people avoid camping is because of a fear of being away from their home comforts – aka their toilet – for extended periods of time. A portable toilet can make camping that much better – providing a convenient way to use the toilet without having to wander into the bushes (no thanks!) or trek across a muddy field to use campsite or festival toilets. So let’s dive in – below are the best camping toilets, foldable toilets, and portable toilet accessories on the market in 2019…

Do you need a camping toilet?

In most cases, a camping toilet is a luxury item and not a necessity. However, you might want to bring a camping toilet if:

  • You’re going to a busy festival and want to skip long queues
  • You want to avoid having to walk across a dark, muddy field if you need the toilet at night
  • You have young children who really can’t wait
  • You’re wild camping and using a bush isn’t an option
  • You’re a little camp-adverse and want to make your experience better!

A portable toilet will take up space in your luggage, however – even the folding options listed below! If you want to travel ultra-light, consider investing in a good old-fashioned pocket trowel for digging a hole (at least six inches deep) when you need to number two outdoors.

If shovel-life isn’t for you, here are our top picks for the best camping toilets available in 2019:

Best Camping Toilets:

Camco Premium Portable Toilet

The Camco premium portable toilet is designed for camping, RVs, boating, and other recreational activities. It has a 2.6-gallon detachable holding tank, and a 3.75-gallon flush tank, weighing a total of 11-lbs when empty and 42.5-lbs when full.

This camping toilet has sliding gate valves to seal in odours and prevent leaking, with an easy pump-flush and swivel dumping elbow for quick waste removal. A most premium item than others on this list for you – but ideal for those of you who can’t be camping away from a proper toilet!

Portable Loo

This portable loo is literally a large (37 x 32cm) bucket with a snap-on traditional toilet seat. You’ll need to buy some toilet bags to use with this product.

The toilet lid doesn’t fasten shut with this portable toilet so you will ideally want to close and dispose of toilet bags immediately after use to avoid odours. A good budget buy.

Excelvan Portable Toilet

The Excelvan portable toilet has a 2-gallon water tank and a 5-gallon waste-water holding tank, suitable for up to 2-3 uses for one adult. The waste tank is detachable with side latches, making it easy to empty.

This is another slightly more premium product, but it makes using the toilet a far more pleasant experience when camping.

Branq Portable Toilet Bucket

The Branq portable toilet bucket is another of the more basic camping toilets – again, you’ll need toilet bags to use with this product.

The toilet has a detachable lid and a handle that can be used for storing toilet paper. Ideal for festival or short-term camping use.

Lettuce Eat Portable Camping Toilet

A lightweight, sturdy portable camping toilet with a 5-litre capacity. This toilet has a detachable toilet seat and lid, a removable waste bucket, and carry handles for added convenience.

This toilet is described as most suitable for camping, festivals, and picnics, and receives good reviews – good value for money.

Kampa Khazi Portable Chemical Toilet

The Kampa Khazi is one of the more popular camping toilets, with a removable seat and lid, and cover and toilet roll holder included.

This portable toilet has a removable waste bucket, perfect for adding a toilet bag and some toilet chemicals to eliminate odours.

Collapsible Camping Toilets:

BoginaBag Portable Folding Toilet

The boginabag folding toilet is ideal for people with limited space as it folds up small when not in use.

You simply attached a toilet bag to the toilet seat, do your business, and dispose of the bag.

Andes Portable Folding Toilet

The Andes portable toilet is another extremely lightweight design that can be folded away when not in use.

This budget-friendly product also comes with 10 toilet bags when you buy it – ideal for shorter festivals and camping trips.

Best bags for camping toilets:

Green Elephant 100% Biodegrabale Toilet Bags

These compostable toilet bags are 100% biodegradable and made from plant-based materials. They come in a pack of 15.

BivvyLoo Toilet Liner Bags

These toilet liner bags include 12 biodegradable liners, 12 sachets of waste managing powder (ideal for eliminating odours), and 40 biodegradable wipes for a one-stop solution to use with camping toilets.

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Other portable toilet products you might like:

Pitch and Trek Female Urinal

The Pitch and Trek female urinal is designed to help women pee freely outdoors. It has a no-spill, leak-free design with a long urinary neck for easy aiming – so no wet clothes or shoes!

Ideal for women who backpack or hike often and want a quick and easy option.

Clode Men Urine Funnel

This funnel is marketed for men in need of a portable toilet device for festivals or camping, but it receives fantastic reviews from parents who need a quick and easy portable toilet for their children on long car journeys with few service stops.

Likewise, women report finding this funnel easy to use too.

Unigear Female Urination Device

A female urinary device made from medical-grade silicone to provide a safe and convenient portable toilet solution when in the great outdoors.

This product even comes with a handy carry-case for discretion.

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