Vango Banshee 200 Backpacking Tent: Full 2019 Review

A complete review of the Vango Banshee 200 Pro Backpacking tent – read the review below to see if this 2-man tent is right for you.

The Vango Banshee 200 tent seems to be everywhere (or – at least – if you’ve spent any time at festivals or campsites, it does!). Are people just following the crowd, or is this one of the best 2-man tents on the market in 2019?

Whether you’re a backpacking enthusiast or just an occasional camper, your tent can make or break your experience in nature. A poor quality tent can leave you cold, wet, and utterly frustrated – while a good tent is a tent you can pitch and forget about!

If you’re looking for a versatile 2-man tent that you can take anywhere, read on: we think you’ll like the Vango Banshee.

This complete review covers:

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Key features:

  • Dimensions: 46 x 16 x 16 cm
  • Weight: 2.4 Kg
  • Ripstop polyester 5000m waterproof flysheet
  • Yunan Eco alloy poles
  • Tunnel tent design
  • Dual-layer pitching
  • Pre-angled poles
  • Mesh door

The Vango Banshee 200 is a 2-man tent with two layers: an inner layer, and a durable waterproof (up to 5,000mm) 68D 190T Ripstop flysheet with fully-taped seams. The all-in-one pitching design means erecting the tent is very efficient – no messing around with multiple sheets! It also comes with a waterproof polyester groundsheet, and pre-angled Yunan Eco Alloy poles made with acid-free processing resulting in an extremely high quality, durable build.

An added feature is the walking pole attachment eyelets in the door of the tent – so if you’re backpacking with this tent, you can make a quick porch awning to provide shade and a little extra space in sunny weather.

To keep you cool, the tent has a mesh door and mesh inner ceiling, allowing air to pass through the vent easier without the risk of bugs, debris, or rain infiltrating your tent! The tent also has flysheet vents for added ventilation, so it should remain a comfortable temperature even in hot weather.

The tunnel design of the tent is designed for two people to sleep head to toe. It is spacious enough for two people to sleep comfortably, though if you have a lot of bags to store, you might start to get a little cramped. A cool feature is the pre-angled poles, however, adding more internal space to the tent than you would imagine.

How big is the Vango Banshee 200?

The dimensions of the tent are L265 x W175 x H100cm – although one side of the tent is slightly shorter at 90cm according to a diagram from Vango (you can view it here).

This tent is suitable for two adults – with a two-door design, the tent is easy for both people to get in and out of, and provides adequate sleeping space (although you’d struggle to get a third adult in!). Bear in mind that the streamlined design of this tent does mean it is wider and one end and narrower at the other – if you’re only planning on sleeping in the tent rather than relaxing, this shouldn’t affect you at all. There is a small porch for the tent for added space, too.

At 90 – 100cm tall, the tent is high enough to sit up in for most people, although taller individuals may feel a little cramped. This is a great bonus when getting ready and unpacking/re-packing your sleeping bag and roll mat.

How much does the Vango Banshee cost?

For a durable 2-man backpacking tent, the Vango Banshee 200 is extremely reasonably priced.

Check the current price on Amazon here – occasionally there are sales on, so you might be able to get it for a bargain price!

With a lot of camping gear, the more you are willing to pay, the longer your product will last, so investing now is worth it if you want a tent you can use for multiple camping trips in the future.

What is the Vango Banshee 200 suitable for?

The Vango Banshee is marketed primarily as a backpacking tent due to the light-weight and streamlined design. The pack size is 46cm x 16cm, so it’s feasible to fit the tent in your backpack if you’re planning on hiking (although you would probably have to separate the tent and poles). However, you could also quite easily attached the tent to the outside of your bag – at just 2.16kg, it’s light enough for hiking with your other gear without weighing you down too much.

However, it performs equally well for more relaxed camping trips, festivals, wild camping, and occasional use – just bear in mind that the streamlined design means it’s not exactly suitable for socialising in! Read our review of the best pop up tent for more occasional use options.

A good feature of the Banshee is its khaki colour – so if you’re wild camping, you can rest assured that you’re blending into the countryside more easily than a luminous tent.

What we love:

  • It’s streamlined, light-weight design makes it suitable for a range of excursions
  • It’s tall enough to sit up in
  • It has an all-in-one pitch construction (very convenient)
  • It’s waterproof up to 5,000mm, so you won’t get flooded in bad weather

What could be better:

  • If you’re a lone backpacker/hiker, the tent is probably a little bulkier than you need – we’d recommend a 1-man tent to save on weight
  • Sometimes the flysheet vents stick shut

Overall user reviews:

The Vango Banshee 200 is Vango’s best-selling tent – it receives excellent reviews online, particularly for its:

  • Durability
  • Ease to pitch
  • 2-door design
  • Lightweight but sturdy design

Our verdict:

We love the Vango Banshee 200 tent! It’s everything you could want in a 2-man backpacking tent: durable, light-weight, easy to assemble, and spacious enough for two to fit comfortably.

The Banshee 200 is excellent value for money – for a tent of this nature, you’re not going to find better.

Buy it on Amazon now.

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