Yellowstone Aluminium Whistling Kettle

The Yellowstone camping kettle is an aluminium kettle is perfect for camping, hiking, and festivals as it is compact and lightweight yet capable of boiling water for your cup of coffee or tea.

Yellowstone Aluminium Whistling Kettle Review:

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The Yellowstone camping kettle has an aluminium construction available in two different colours. The kettle has a 1-litre capacity, and ways just 209g making it ideal for people looking for a smaller, light-weight kettle. This kettle is very budget-friendly, but for the low price you do seem to sacrifice somewhat on quality, with some people reporting leaks or inefficient heating after a couple of uses – something worth bearing in mind.


  • Button-spout design for safety
  • Light-weight design
  • Extremely affordable price


  • Poor durability

What to look for in a camping kettle:

Weight & Size

If you’re going to be hiking into your campsite, the last thing you want is an enormous, bulky kettle weighing you down. Likewise, if you’re tight for space in your car or campervan, a smaller, more light-weight design is going to be useful.

Bear in mind, however, that the more compact designs typically have a smaller capacity, so large groups may prefer having a bigger kettle to accommodate everyone.


How many people do you need your camping kettle for? 1 person can get by with a small camping kettle with a 1-litre capacity, while two people may be comfortable with a small kettle if you only need it for a cup of coffee in the morning.

As a guide, a 2-litre capacity kettle should be suitable for 2-3 people. Larger groups may want to consider getting more than one kettle.


Most camping kettles range between £8 – £15, depending on the material used in the kettles construction and the overall capacity.

Remember, the cheapest kettle isn’t always the best kettle – sometimes it’s worth investing it a more expensive one if it will last you longer.


A heat-resistant handle is a valuable feature for a camping kettle, so you can easily remove it from the heat when ready without having to find a cloth to protect your hands.

What’s more, some kettles have foldable handles which can be useful for packing up and saving space.


A whistling camping kettle ensures you don’t forget about your water while it’s boiling over the stove – a good feature if you’ve got limited water or time! If you know you’re likely to forget about your kettle while doing other things, investing in one with a whistle can be a good idea.

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